Small Biz Marketing 101…Building a Marketing Team

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to have a team of focused marketing experts to help build and increase your business success? If you think marketing teams are only for large businesses? THINK AGAIN! The good news is anyone can develop a “marketing team” through reciprocal marketing.

I have been actively participating since 2001, enjoying an 80% increase in retail sales for my Wellness/Nutrition business through powerful word of mouth referrals. In fact, every day in Sarasota and neighboring communities, scores of business professionals are gathered over working lunches to help one another secure new clients & customers. They do it through a relationship building process where individuals take time to get to know one another and their services offered to feel comfortable in referring both their personal & professionals contacts to expand their circle of influence.

The concept is not new; in fact Networking was formalized in 1978, designed to assist small to midsize businesses to increase their business. Today groups thrive throughout the US and abroad.

B2B members meet weekly With up to 32 professionals in each group with each member representing a different business category. Participants have exclusive marketing rights of their services without duplication and provides one another with up to 31 other marketers for their services. A timed and structured format assures all have equal participation and the focus is on growth of the individual’s business.

If you are ready to build an affordable marketing team and see an increase in your business success, contact us at for chapter availability and a complimentary Visitors Pass to waive the $5 non-member advertising fee so that you may experience the benefits firsthand.

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