Attend an Event


Thank you for your interest in attending a B2B event



B2B meets weekly over a 75 minute working lunch. We would love to have you attend one of our group meetings to experience the benefits of B2B first-hand.
Complete the information in the form below and we will add you to the guest list of Evite, the online invitation we use to communicate with members. Once you reply, you have the option to add a brief commercial for your business. Based on your preferences and business category, we will select the group that has availability for your services. 

What you should know:

  • Visitors may attend one group two times or attend two groups, one time each, before making a membership commitment.
  • We offer a non-compete environment for members to market their products, goods and services. That means that once you secure your category, you have exclusive marketing rights for your business. 
  • If you wish to market your business along with our members, there is a $5 non-member advertising fee. We participate in two 30- second commercials each meeting; one at the beginning and one at the end of our event.  Each commercial should include 75 words or less, including your name, your business, a service you offer and what or who would be a good referral for you. 
  • Those who join at the end of the meeting, will have the $5 non-member advertising fee applied towards their membership costs. 
  • All in attendance must order lunch for use of the private room. Lunch fees are at menu pricing. The restaurant will accept cash or credit cards.
  • You are welcome to bring business cards and marketing material to exchange with members.