Membership Information


What We Do

Think of B2B as Your Business's Marketing Team!

Have you ever wished your budget allowed for a Marketer to help spread the word about your business?
What if there was a way to have up to 31 business partners marketing YOUR Products, Goods and Services  for around $1 a day! 
You would probably say "that's too good to be true", but that is exactly what we offer our members and so much more!
Are you ready to experience the benefits of B2B first hand? 

Membership Criteria

  • Members must be 18 or over
  • Own a Business or be the designated Representative of a Business
  • Hold valid Professional License, or be Certified and properly Insured (as required by individual professions)
  • Provide Excellent References and Recommendations from Satisfied Clients
  • Use Ethical Business Practices
  • Attend Weekly Meetings
  • Pay Membership Fees
  • Provide Business Referrals to Members

Member Benefits

  • Exclusive Marketing for your Business Category
  • Network and Form Relationships with up to 31 Unique Categories
    • This allows for all members to have an opportunity to be a featured business no less than 3 times a year
  • Generous Attendance Policy
  • Weekly Exchange of Referrals
  • Two Businesses Featured Weekly
  • Exclusive Access to Marketing Materials
  • Proven Concept to Maximize Member Success
  • Average Increase in Business from 16% - 25%
  • Structured Format
  • Members Only Business Card Holder
  • New Member One on One Mentoring
  • Business Card Listing on
  • Social Media Page
  • Regional Support Member in Every Group
  • Members Only Resources

Are there Membership Fees?

We are a fee based membership. Members have the option to select the best payment option to fit within their marketing budget. Choose Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual payments. Fees go to administrative costs, supplies, advertising materials and member support materials.
We believe fees equate to accountability, which increases our members success!

When Do You Meet?

  • Weekly
  • Over a Working Business Lunch

Is Weekly Attendance Required?

Yes, we believe consistency and weekly participation are the keys to success.
However, we do have a generous attendance policy that allows for a substitute to attend in your place, giving you up to 15 absences in a calendar year. Attendance is pro-rated based on the month that you join within the calendar year.

Our groups DO NOT Meet on the following dates in observance of  Holidays.

New Years Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day



The following Holidays meet at the discretion of the groups

Martin Luther King

President's Day

Good Friday

Columbus Day

Veteran's Day