Networking with a Purpose

Have you ever found yourself at an after-hours event wondering why you keep attending these functions? My guess is you are not alone and you probably do what the majority of us do, scan the room to find someone you know and then start planning your exit strategy.
Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of “Networking Events”?

B2B offers the following tips for productive networking.

  • Invite a co-worker or associate to attend with you, it’s always easier to walk into a room with someone else.
  • Set a goal prior to going to EACH meet at least 4 new people that you could do business with or would like to get to know better
  • ​Listen attentively and engage new contacts in conversation about their family, hobbies
  • Be sure you collect their business cards for follow-up
    • ​Make notes on the back of the card that will be triggers about them & why you want to reach out to arrange a meeting​
  • Ask what other forms of networking they do and what they have found to be the most successful.

Remember, people always enjoy talking about themselves and their interests. If we learn to listen more and talk less, we will gain a wealth of knowledge. They will tell us what they need and want, then it’s up to us to help them. The more we help others to achieve their needs, the more we realize our goals.

​Happy Networking to you!