Creating A Marketing Team

What We Do

B2B hand selects our members with only one representative per business category, per group. We help local businesses to grow by promoting the group and its members products, goods and services.
​All members have an equal opportunity to develop their marketing skills and educate one another about their businesses and services every week over a working lunch.

Who We Are

​The Business to Business Networking Group (B2B) brings together local professionals & business owners offering a wide variety of services from Real Estate & Financial to Salon, from Printing & Promotional to Cleaning Services, from Insurance to Catering, and many more.
We have established a reputation as a resource for quality. Our members are well respected in the business community and have excellent references.

Our Success

We track the net revenue generated from our referrals to give us accountability and an accurate measure of success. Last year the members of the University Park Women’s Group reported a net gain in excess of $322,000.00! B2B is the most cost effective way for businesses to achieve their objectives.


Discover More About B2B

What else we provide?

Weekly Events

Our groups meet weekly to allow for a timely exchange of referrals. We believe consistency and weekly participation are the keys to success.


We offer a generous attendance policy that allows for a substitute to attend in your place and up to 15 absences in a calendar year. Out of site is out of mind. Our members all benefit by having a full house to market to each week.


Our members have an opportunity to develop their marketing and delivery skills each week. All members participate by introducing their business and services as well as the referrals they are seeking. Two members are the featured presenters each week to spotlight a product or service.

What’s Your Next Move?

Take some time and meet our Members?

...or maybe see some Facts about us?

...ready to experience B2B firsthand?

Those looking to increase their business success and improve their marketing skills. Business professionals, large & small business owners, sales professionals and people who do business by referrals will all benefit.

  • Realtors, Mortgage Originators, Bankers, Attorneys, Financial Advisers, Insurance Brokers
  • Photographers, Event Planners, Caterers, Contractors, Handymen, Landscapers
  • Web & Graphic Design, IT Services, Salon Services, Hair, Nail & Skin
  • Jewelry, Wellness, Chiropractors, LMT's, Acupuncture & More!
Have you ever wished your budget allowed for a Marketer to help spread the word about your business?
What if there was a way to have up to 31 business partners marketing YOUR Products, Goods and Services  for around $1 a day! 
You would probably say "that's too good to be true", but that is exactly what we offer our members and so much more!
Think of B2B as Your Business's  Marketing Team!

Our Groups

B2B members excel at giving and building relationships to support one another in achieving business goals. We believe in positive re-enforcement and recognition. Each month we select a Member Challenge to spotlight and recognize one outstanding member for their support and contributions that result in growth of the group or of an individual members business success.

Member Spotlight

The Numbers Year to Date

Net Revenue

What our Members say

The B2B Networking group has been there most amazing, incredible networking group I have ever attended.  The support from and to all the members has been inspiring.  This group of businessmen and women are always on my mind, which makes it so easy to find opportunities to refer business to them. We have received so much business from the members and all their friends and family – our business has seen at least a 30-40% increase, all due to such an amazing, supportive group of professionals!

RS RS Sarasota

“B2B has been of tremendous value to the growth of my business. Being a part of B2B has allowed me to organically develop relationships with fellow members, leading to an increase in referrals and sales. In effect it has created an external sales team for my business, resulting in a return on investment that far exceeds the membership fees while also providing me with a  rich and varied pool of industries and services that I can, in turn, refer to my clients as an added-value resource to them.”

GC GC, Sarasota

“Being a member of B2B has provided me the opportunity to develop new business relationships with people I would not have otherwise met. Referrals from the group are helping me build my business in Florida as well as help others build their businesses.”

SK SK, Sarasota

“B2B is the LEAST expensive, MOST Effective form of advertising I have found for my business.”

WA WA, Sarasota


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